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ずっと気になっていて曲名が分からなかったもの。 神崎まきのGOOD DAY I・N・GいつもINGのフレーズが好きで、曜日を英語で言うところのテンポも気持ち良い。

英会話タイムトライアル 4/30

be going to go home 帰る I am gonna go home now. I am not gonna go home yet. Are you gonna go home now?gonna buy I am gonna buy that computer. I am not gonna buy that computer. Are you gonna buy that computer?make spaghetti My mother is go…

英会話タイムトライアル 4/29

I have my bags. I don’t have my bags. Do you have your bags?outlet コンセント This room has a outlet. This room doesn’t have a outlet. Does this room have a outlet?have a cold 風邪を引く I still have a cold. I don’t have a cold anymore. Do…