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英会話タイムトライアル 4/30

be going to
go home 帰る
I am gonna go home now.
I am not gonna go home yet.
Are you gonna go home now?

gonna buy
I am gonna buy that computer.
I am not gonna buy that computer.
Are you gonna buy that computer?

make spaghetti
My mother is gonna make spaghetti tonight.
My mother is not gonna make spaghetti tonight.
Is your mother gonna make spaghetti tonight?

see in person
I have seen Jelly in person.
I have never seen Jelly in person.
Have you ever seen Jelly in person?

do the landry

I have done the landry already.
I have not done the landry yet.
Have you done the landry already?

online english lesson

I have try online english lesson before.
I have never try online english lesson.
Have you ever try online english lesson?